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Jan 1, 2012.  Production still delayed, still no product shipping.  Contact us for technical advice only.  Will update with any changes.

Jan 1, 2011.  Limited service available by arrangement.  Composites, wheels, hubs, and FLY rims delayed.  Contact us to be added to wait list.

June 1, 2009.  We started shipping what will be the first of several new products -- our first sales since our fire.  Check out the new Spider.  We now also have CW rear hubs.  We expect to mature more rims and wheels shortly. 
Carbon composite production remains delayed.

Sept 23, 2008.  The Nimble factory burned down.  All staff safe.  All production capacity and inventory lost.  See:  News article 

Welcome World!
Explore this site to learn about Nimble, our products, and bicycle wheel performance.

Nimble CROSSWIND in USA Olympic paint -- Click to enlargeWho is Nimble?
Nimble designs, manufactures, and sells high performance bicycle wheels. We make our own composite materials, and fabricate our own specialty metals.  We manufacture our own products.  We sell direct to riders worldwide - to buy just call or e-mail. We manufacture in Austin, Texas USA.

The Nimble CROSSWIND - click for an enlarged imageCROSSWIND
is pure performance. Materials, process technology, design, and testing create the ultimate in aero, without compromise in acceleration, weight (1526g/set), or handling. It is the fastest and most-tested bicycle wheel ever developed.  Complete wheels include bodies and hubs. Carbon composite wheels and wheelbodies indefinitely delayed by fire.

CROSSWIND rear cassette hub -- Campy 9/10 spineShimano 8/9/10 
Campy 8/9/10 
These 100% compatible interchangeable CROSSWIND rear hubs (since 6/2000). CROSSWIND rear hubs (before 6/00) can be upgraded to the new design for less weight, less noise, and less drag. Rear hubs delayed.  Some front hubs available.

FLY  is exhilaration.  We used our composite materials, process technology, design, and testing to make the ultimate in acceleration and handling with no compromise in aero properties.  Available only in tubular tire models. The ultra low total weight 490g (16 spoke 700C tubular front) sets an acceleration standard. FLY carbon rims indefinitely delayed by fire.  New FLY tubular and clincher versions using exotic metals coming.  New models will have properties similar or better than FLY carbon models.

Click to enlarge Spider imageNow Shipping - rims only
is an all performance metal clincher road wheel at a great price. Nimble designed a better rim extrusion and rim airfoil to balance rotating weight and side-on aero performance.  Weights are down, stiffness is up, spoke counts are down, aero
efficiency is improved. Spider sets a price performance standard. 

To Order
Contact us directly to make an order.
Bicycle wheels bicycle wheel bicycle aero wheels bicycle aero wheels carbon wheels carbon wheels carbon aero wheels carbon wheels ZipNimble logop wheels Zipp wheel Zipp 303 Zipp 404 Mavic cosmic carbone DT Reynolds wheels Reynolds wheel topolino wheels alloy wheels bike wheel bike wheels bicycle spoke bicycle rims bicycle rim bicycle race wheels bicycle training wheels Hed 3 disk wheels disk wheel Renn disk wheel Zipp disk wheel Zipp 808 Zipp 404 aerodynamics aerodynamic testing aero drag aero testing carbon fiber graphite epoxy high modulus Ergomo Powertap SL

More Info:  

-- Tubular tire advice
-- PowerTap hubs & systems
-- Rider/Wheel weight limits 
-- Tire pressure instruction
-- Custom design decorations
-- We sell tires & cassettes
-- Nimble wheel bags
-- Clincher CW
-- CW Campy 9/10 hub
-- Take the Aero Tech Quiz
-- Tubular tire glue
Tubular tire tape
-- Clydesdale Wheels!
-- Handcycle Wheels!
-- Track Wheels!
-- Product image gallery
-- Build/Spoke lengths
-- Cassette/gearing specs
-- Typical order examples
-- CROSSWIND installation
-- Front hub bearing service
-- Rear hub assembly

Review the critical elements of wheel performance. A better understanding drives better design and investment.
Nimble Moment of Inertia comparitive graph Compare our differences.

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Crosswind, FLY and Spider features.

CROSSWIND Clydesdale  Extra stout wheels rated for 280+lb. riders! Call us to ask about specialty Tandem race wheels.  Composites indefinitely delayed by fire.

Horse FLY Extra stout ultra performance wheels rated for Clydesdale or Tandem riders!  Carbon rims indefinitely delayed by fire.  New exotic metal rims coming.

Hub Compatibility
Shimano 8/9/10 and Campagnolo 8/9/10 compatibility.

In addition to Nimble wheels, our Race Ready Program adds wheel accessory products (tires, cassettes and more) and services to complete your wheel performance package.
Availability interrupted by fire.

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Nimble titanium QR skewer set click to enlargeWe sell direct.  We want you to learn more about design, performance and our products. We will set you up with the state-of-the-art.


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