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Spider III New in 2009

Nimble SPIDER side on and head on profiles


Nimble Spider logo -- Click to enlarge

SPIDER is a very light weight (1,265 grams/set) metal rim clincher wheel for road racing and fast riding, sold factory built at a moderate $640/set price.  Its light rim weight lowers inertia and drives excellent acceleration. Its design offers excellent stability and handling. It comes in multiple spoke counts and configurations to maximize performance specific to rider size and style. 

2009 introduces our new version III rim.  This is the first of a wave of innovations that follow the fire that destroyed our composite production building.  The new Spider rim is stronger, stiffer and builds lower spoke count, more aerodynamic wheels.  It has stronger materials, more precise tolerances, innovations in sectional design, and introduces our new easier to mount and safer tire bead lock system.

Low Inertia, Excellent Acceleration 

Nimble Spider standard nipple rim close up -- Click to enlargeNot only light overall, its low mass machined sidewall alloy rim keeps the critical rim rotating mass to a minimum (370g/335g) . The result is 101 gm2, a remarkable total inertia for any wheel, especially at a moderate price.

Lower Weight

At 531g total weight for a front 700C 16 spoke clincher, it easily rivals the most expensive competitors. 

Crosswind Stability 

The proprietary shallow aero rim profile offers world-class side-on aero stability and side-on drag performance.

Better Handling

Combine the lively low weight and quick acceleration with Spider's laterally stable rim section and the result is a delightfully firm and responsive wheel.  Matching specific spoke options with rider weights and styles further enhances the ride feel.


You should be confident with your purchase. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 12-month limited warranty, and a no-fault reduced cost replacement program for the original owner.

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Nine Years of Proven Technology

Like every Nimble wheel, Spider's nine years and three major generations shares 13 years of technology investment made to develop and produce 18 generations of the Nimble CROSSWIND.  We design every aspect of our wheels and their production.  We manufacture and build our own tooling and equipment.  We manufacture our own proprietary composite with technology and materials comparable or exceeding those used in the space-station and state-of-the art fighter planes.  Our design tools and test facilities are the best available.

21mm Rim Drives the Design Spider's low profile 21 mm rim balances mass, strength, and stiffness.  The rim is extruded from proprietary aerospace quality aluminum alloy.  This alloy starts as US branded pure.  The rim weight is 370g/335g (700C/650C).  The proprietary cross-sectional profile optimizes side-on airflow.  The machined side wall enhances braking.  See Spider rim images.
Rim  Shape creates side-on Aero Properties The shallow aero sculpted parabolic rim shape fits within an integrated aerodynamic flow design that offers excellent side-on aero drag. The high fraction of open side area (86.5%) offers outstanding handling.

Butted Stainless Steel Spokes

Nimble wire wheel stainless steel spoke black -- Click to enlargeSpokes are black double butted stainless steel tapering from 2.0 to 1.7 mm.  Nipples are forged alloy. Wheel building tensions are 110+ Kg.  Extra narrow butted 2.0/1.5 spokes are also available as special order.  Extra narrow spokes trade weight (~g/spoke) for loss in lateral stiffness with no effect on durability.  Extra narrow butting trades about 3% weight for about 10% loss in lateral stiffness.  Consult us to configure your order to an exact stiffness requirement.  
Precise Light Hubs Our hubs are the same precise lightweight durable hubs used in FLY.  Our new front hub added more than 24% to the lateral stiffness of the new Spider III front wheels.  The front hub weighs 65g, the rear hub only 220g.  Both designs use sealed cartridge bearings.  We are biased to the highest quality steel bearings rather than ceramic bearings.  Ceramic bearings are available as special order.
Multiple Spoke Configurations Optimize Fit
Nimble wire wheel stainless steel spoke black -- Click to enlarge
Spoke count options allow tensioned wheel designs to accommodate different riders and race applications.  Adding spokes trades an increase strength, stiffness and durability for decreases in acceleration, and aero efficiency.  To optimize rider fit, Spider comes in 6 standard spoke configurations for each wheel size.  We also offer custom configurations to accommodate riders outside standard limits.  See configuration options.

    Standard Spoke Configurations

Front Rear
650C 16, 20, 24 24, 28
700C 16,20, 24 24, 28, 32

Hidden Spoke Nipple Aero Option

Our new standard is to build with hidden internal aero nipples.  Each configuration is also available in standard access external nipples.  Hidden nipples decrease spoke related drag more than 60%.  This option trades enhanced aero properties for reduced access to nipples for spoke tensioning.  Spoke nipples are tensioned using a 4.78 mm hex nut driver (see Spider aero spoke tool) and are accessed from under the tire.  Also see spider rim images.

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700C & 650C


Styles Clincher only
Mass (rim only) 370 (700C)
335 (650C)
Depth 21mm


Rim 6000 series propriety alloy
Front hub shell 6061-T6 alloy
Front axle 6061-T6 alloy
Front axle face Alloy
Rear hub shell 6061-T6 alloy
Rear cassette body 6061-T6 alloy 
Rear clutch plate Alloy
Rear axle oversized alloy
Rear axle face steel/alloy

Total Drag

700C Clincher front 0, 25 mph, 128g (aero)
0, 25 mph, 164g (standard)
21, 22 mph, 220g

Moment of Inertia

700C Clincher front rotational, gm2
total transnational, gm2

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Rim Only1 Front2 Rear3
Hub only 65g 220g
650c Clincher 335g 493g 694g
700c Clincher 370g 531g 734g
1Rim mass data may vary -5/+12g.
220 Medium 2.0/1.7 double-butted 16 spoke
324 Medium 2.0/1.7 double-butted 24 spoke
       650C       700C   
Spokes   Front Rear   Front Rear  
164   493g   531g  
20   517g     555g    
244 541g  694g 579g 734  
28     718g     758g  
32       782g  

4700C front 16 and rear 24 are special order for light riders


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