Nimble wire wheel spoke.
These spokes are used in FLY and Spider wheels.  They are stainless steel stained black.  They are round and double butted 2.0 to 1.5mm (front FLY spokes) and 2.0 to 1.7mm (Spider spokes and FLY rear spokes).  Double butting makes these spokes both lighter (~5 grams front and ~6 grams rear each, varies by length) and more durable.  We have selected a round profile spoke, not a bladed spoke, for aerodynamic reasons.  We measure that bladed spokes actually create more turbulence and drag in the changing air of outdoor race venues.  We have a patent on our variable cross-section spoke design which would optimize the aero properties further, but we have not implemented this in a wire spoke.

We have spoke kits and tools available for working on your FLY and Spider wheels (see pricing, see FLY tool, see Spider tool.)  These kits are specific to each wheel model to match the spoke length and nipple needed.  FLY and Spider aero nipple rims include the special nipples required for each.

Our front wheels are built with radial spoke patterns.  This minimizes aero drag and spoke weight without compromising strength.  Our rear wheels are built with 2 cross or 3 cross drive side spokes for durability and optimal torque transfer.  Past model non-drive side spokes have been built both crossed and radial.  Our experience with these designs has led us to favor a crossed non-drive side because (1) the tangential patterns improves spoke durability and (2) every spoke is involved in wheel torque transfer (improving drive transfer stiffness as much 40%).  The advantages of radial designs are a small 1-2 gram weight savings and no measurable aero savings.  

We build with a 110 kg highest spoke tension.  This tension improves wheel durability by almost eliminating slack spokes and slack spoke fatigue.  See spoke lengths for replacement spoke length information (which varies by wheel configuration) and rim ERD (effective rim diameter) information for wheel building and repair.  Also see rims.

Spoke selection is a key driver in wheel configuration because spokes effect wheel stiffness.  Also see Rider Weight Limits especially the note at the bottom relating lateral stiffness to spoke choice


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