Nimble Spider aero nipple spoke tool
The Nimble SpiderTM comes in an aero configuration that uses a special inverted nipple hidden in the rim.  This tool allows access to this nipple for wheel building or maintenance.  Other 5 mm or 3/16 hex nut drivers may work if they have a narrow outer tool diameter.  Our tool end outer diameter is 7.9 mm (0.311 inches) and fits in an 8 mm spoke access hole.  Please note that our FLY wheel uses a different narrower nipple and a smaller custom elbow tool (also see FLY tool and spoke).

Nimble Spider hidden aero nipple

Nimble Spider tool for access to inverted hidden aero nipple

Wheel builders please note the special attention needed when inserting this tool.  Carefully rotate the tool end to align it with nipple head and push it completely to the base of the nipple to fully engage the nipple head. Incomplete engagement may cause you to deform or hurt nipple head and make truing more difficult. Spider spokes typically have 110 kg tension (on the highest tensioned spoke).  We have have spare spokes and nipples available for any wheel built by us.  Also note that we recommend holding the spoke near the rim while turning any nipple in high tension.  This avoids wind up of the thin gauge spokes and the variations in their length that causes instable or unreliable truing.  We also recommend thorough stress relieving to confirm any truing work is complete and stable.  If you are having trouble, do not use force, instead contact us and we will be happy to assist with expert advice, parts or service.



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