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Carbon composite wheels and wheelbodies indefinitely delayed by fire


The CROSSWIND™ offers performance. It demonstrates the competitive advantage of state-of-the-art technology.


What the wind sees.

Faster Speeds,  Optimal Aerodynamics

CROSSWIND 650C wheelbody -- Click to enlarge
Tubular body
Clincher body

In aerodynamics, the CROSSWIND is A+, the world's best.  A patented variable-geometry spoke design provides more optimal airfoil shapes where they are needed within the spinning wheel. A patented variable depth rim and a fully integrated side-on profile design create remarkable crosswind air-flow management. The net result is the most efficient aerodynamic flow available on an open road capable wheel. The design offers not only the better headwind drag numbers, but also dramatic improvements in crosswind drag.

Better Climbing, Lower Weight

Aside from our own Nimble FLY, the only lighter wheels are special climbing wheels that ignore aerodynamics. There is no need to trade off weight for aerodynamics.

Faster Acceleration, Lower Inertia

Not only light overall, its carbon/epoxy composite, variable depth rim keeps the critical rim rotating mass to a minimum. The result rivals specialty sprint wheels that ignore aerodynamics.

Better Handling

A low moment of inertia makes the wheel quick-reacting and light-feeling. A low side-profile improves aero wheel handling in crosswinds so dramatically that the wheel is named after the result.


You should be confident with your purchase. We offer a 30-day satisfaction wheel guarantee, a 12-month limited warranty, and a no-fault reduced cost replacement program.

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Variable Depth Rim


variable depth rim

The patented variable-depth rim optimizes strength, stiffness, aerodynamics, and weight distribution. The improvements in mechanical properties (strength, stiffness and strength-to-weight) come from reinforcing critical load areas while eliminating surplus bulk and mass from less critical areas. The net effect is a remarkably lightweight (310 grams), very low profile (30 to 39 mm) rim.  Clincher rims add 70 grams to 370 gram total.

Improvements in strength and stiffness come from improvements in the specific placement and orientation of the structural materials in the rim. Strength-to-weight improvements come from stronger materials, higher density composite process technology, and more efficient composite materials placement and design. The net effect is a lighter, quicker wheel that doesn't compromise strength. The low rim mass drives the wheel’s superior acceleration properties (moment of inertia, 37.2gm² tubular, 48.3gm² clincher).

The aero sculpted rim shape fits within an integrated aerodynamic flow design that also supports new levels of performance in head-on and side-on aerodynamics. The relatively low rim side profile also offers crosswind handling not available previously from maximal performance aero wheels, and allows more comfortable and broader use of aero  wheels in open road conditions.

Variable Geometry Spoke

Variable geometry spoke -- Click to see enlarged wheelbody imagesThe patented spoke shape design is also key to the new level of aero performance. The spoke has highly engineered "variable-surface" airfoil shapes. These shapes more efficiently address the substantial changes in air speed and direction created within the spinning wheel as it moves through the air-stream. The structure of the spoke is also unique. Placement and orientation of the composite materials have been optimized to make the spoke as responsive, light and strong as they are aero.

Mechanical Precision, Flexibility

CROSSWIND front hub -- Click to enlarge
front hub
CROSSWIND rear hub -- Click to enlarge
Cassette hub
CROSSWIND track hub -- Click to enlarge
track hub
Handcycle CROSSWIND hub -- Click to enlarge
handcycle hub

The hubs are precision made with aerospace quality materials. They are removable from the composite wheel bodies. Should you wish to change your configuration, they can be interchanged or replaced separately. In addition to optimizing aerodynamic and ride quality characteristics, the hub and bearing designs improve on rolling performance. The bearings used are premium quality "deep grooved double sealed ball" bearings. The hub and bearing fit systems are designed to capture bearings in high precision alignment, using a proprietary "axle dominant" press fit design. 

The cassette rear hub uses an 18-point star ratchet clutch mechanism that offers instant engagement, tremendous torque strength and improved reliability. Hubs are available in road front, road cassette rear in both Shimano 8/9 spline and Campy 9/10 spline,  track rear and handcycle threaded rear versions.  We also carry an array of cassettes.  See hub compatibility and cassette configurations.
Wheelbodies for the Range of Rider Styles CROSSWIND wheel bodies come in standard (220lb limit) and Clydesdale versions (300+lb limit) to accommodate a wide variety of rider needs.  From lighter riders on standard 650C or 700C wheels to heavy legged track sprinters asking for special reinforcement.  See rider/wheel weight limits and Clydesdale wheels.

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700C & 650C
Front wheel -- Click to see enlarged wheelbody images


Styles tubular, clincher
Mass (rim only) 310 (700C tubular)
290 (650C tubular)
380 (700C clincher)
360 (650C clincher)
Depth variable depth 30 to 39mm


Wheel body/rim carbon/epoxy composite (tubular)
w/ alloy (clincher)
Front hub shell 6061-T6 alloy
Front axle 6061-T6 alloy
Front axle face stainless steel
Rear hub shell 6061-T6 alloy
Rear cassette body 6061-T6 alloy 
Rear clutch plate heat-treated steel
Rear axle oversized alloy
Rear axle face steel/alloy
QR skewer titanium shaft w/alloy lever
Soft carry bag heavy duty 600 dernier
Valve extender 6061-T6 alloy

Total Drag

700C front (19mm tire) 0°, 25 mph 88g
21°, 22 mph 383g

Moment of Inertia

700C front rotational 37.2gm2 (tubular)
48.3gm2 (clincher)
total translational 117gm2 (tubular)
138gm2 (clincher)

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Body2 Front5 Rear3 Rear
Hub only1   78g 218g 178g 170g
650C Tubular 570g 648g 788g 748g 740g
700C Tubular 615g 693g 833g 793g  
650C Clincher 625g 703g 846g 803g 795g
700C Clincher 680g 758g 898g 858g  
Skewers 36g 39g 30g4
1Production mass data as of Sept 2005
2Composite weights may vary +/- 15g.  Painted wheel bodies are 25-35g heavier.
3Revised rear hub design from Jun 2000, Campy hubs from Oct 2000
4Rear track hub uses steel track axle lock nuts.
5Front hub revised to 19.5 mm axle design Sept 2005


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