Nimble QR skewer set

Nimble Titanium Quick Release Skewer set

Nimble QR skewer set cam top (click to enlarge)Nimble QR skewer set rod nut ends (click to enlarge)Nimble's latest titanium QR skewer set (revised 2006) features oversized titanium bolts, stainless springs, a stainless steel pivot, CNC machine hollowed aircraft alloy lever handles, and alloy pivot bearing fittings for durability. These skewers are stout, well-functioning, light-weight and secure. 

Nimble QR skewer set camp lever back side detail (click to enlarge) Skewer weights are now 32.0 grams front and 34.8 grams rear for a total set weight of 66.8 grams. 

The 2006 version has lengthened titanium rods to accommodate the more common wider aluminum alloy and titanium bicycle frame and fork drop outs.  Click small images to enlarge for detail. Also see price.


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