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Carbon composite rims and wheels indefinitely delayed by fire.  Look for new FLY tubular and clincher models using exotic metal alloys soon.
FLY on Texas fence post -- Click to enlarge



FLY creates a new standard for performance in light weight cycling equipment.  It has the world's best acceleration.   Its total weight is comparable with any climbing wheel, including unobtainable products priced 4 to 10 times more.  It offers excellent aerodynamics, particularly side-on.  At $1000/set its price/performance is the best available.

Optimal Acceleration, Lower Inertia

Click to enlarge FLY rim imageNot only light overall, its carbon/epoxy composite rim keeps the critical rim rotating mass to a minimum (350g/320g tubular, see below for complete listings). The result is 90 gm2 (700C 16 spoke tubular front) an amazing mark for total inertia and optimal acceleration.

Better Climbing, Lower Weight

At 490g for a front 700C 16-spoke (tubular), it is difficult to find rivals in total weight.  There are none at the same inertia, aero performance level or price.

Faster Speeds,  Excellent Aerodynamics

A proprietary minimum rim profile, hidden nipples, and low spoke count create excellent head-on and world-class side-on aerodynamics.

Better Handling

A low inertia drives acceleration, reaction and response. Low side-profile improves handling in crosswinds. Stiffness improves control.  FLY is the most responsive wheel available.


You should be confident with your purchase. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 12-month limited warranty, and a no-fault reduced cost replacement program for the original owner.

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Seven Years of Proven Technology


FLY leverages 8 years of technology investment made to develop and produce the Nimble CROSSWIND.  We design, manufacture and build our production tooling and equipment.  We manufacture our own proprietary composite with technology and materials used in the space-station and in fighter plane wings. Remarkable Strength-to-weight improvements come from these intrinsically stronger materials and from our precision fabrication processes.

The 28mm Rim Drives Design

Like other tensioned wheel designs, FLY's performance is driven by its rim.  The low profile FLY rim was designed to balance mass distribution, aerodynamics, strength, and stiffness. The rim is entirely composite.  The rim mass is 340g (700C).  Without spokes it supports a radial load exceeding 600 lbs (225 kg).  The inbuilt rim has a lateral stiffness of 0.180 inches/20 lb, approximately 3 times conventional rims.  The optimized aero foil developed from the 5000+ aero trials and tests used in the development of the CROSSWIND.
Proprietary Composite Materials Drive Unique Strength-to- Weight The improvements in mechanical properties (strength, stiffness and strength-to-weight) come from Nimble proprietary materials, and optimal reinforcing critical load areas.  Superior strength and stiffness come from optimized material placement and orientation.  We also create higher density reinforcements (75%+), and higher net material design efficiencies. The overall effect is a lighter, quicker and remarkably strong wheel. The low rim mass drives the wheel’s superior acceleration and weight.  The strength-to-weight drives the rim's strength and toughness.
Rim Design and Shape Drive Outstanding Aero Properties The aero sculpted parabolic rim shape and hidden spoke/nipple interface fit within an integrated aerodynamic flow design that offers excellent head-on aero drag and optimal side-on aero drag. The high fraction of open side area (77%) offers handling never previously available for aero wheels.  FLY updates the previous standard for open road  aero wheel handling set by the Nimble CROSSWIND.

Rim Stiffness Drives Fewer  Spokes

Spoke stainless steel, black -- Click to enlargeSpokes are double butted stainless steel.  Front wheels taper from 2.0 to 1.5 mm, rear wheel spokes taper from 2.0 to 1.7 mm.  Nipples are forged alloy and buried in the rim.  Wheel building tensions are 110+ Kg.  Rear spoking patterns benefit from the remarkable stiffness of the rim.  The non-drive side of the 24 spoke rear wheel requires only half the traditional number of spokes.  This allows higher non-drive side spoke tensions, lessens the spoke fatigue on this side of the wheels and improve aerodynamics.  This 24 spoke asymmetrical build is a less laterally stiff design; Riders seeking lateral stiffness should order the symmetrical 28 spoke build. Front wheel custom options include using the stiffer 1.7 mm spokes to tune lateral stiffness to your exact requirements.
Light Weight Precise Hubs Our hubs are lightweight, durable and precise.  The front hub weighs only 68g, the rear 240g.  Both designs use precision sealed cartridge bearings.

Multiple Spoke Counts Optimize Rider Fit

Changing patterns and adding spokes allows tensioned wheel designs to accommodate different riders and race applications.  Additional spokes trade off an increase strength, stiffness and durability for a decrease in acceleration, and aero efficiency.  To optimize rider fit, FLY comes in 6 standard spoke configurations for each wheel size.  Horse FLY adds four more configurations for riders seeking even greater strength.  We also offer custom configurations to accommodate riders outside standard limits.  Also see rider weight limits.

 Standard Spoke Configurations

Front Rear
650 12, 16, 20
24, 28
700 16, 20, 24
24, 28
1Horse FLY

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700C & 650C  


Styles tubular
Mass (rim only)
340 (700C tubular)
310 (650C tubular)
Depth 28mm


Rim carbon/epoxy composite
Front hub shell 6061-T6 alloy
Front axle 6061-T6 alloy
Front axle face Alloy
Rear hub shell 6061-T6 alloy
Rear cassette body 6061-T6 alloy 
Rear clutch plate heat-treated steel
Rear axle oversized alloy
Rear axle face steel/alloy
Valve extender 6061-T6 alloy
QR skewer Ti 6/4 shaft w/alloy lever
Total Drag 700C front 16 spoke 0, 25 mph 108g
21, 22 mph 274g
Moment of Inertia 700C front 16 spoke rotational 35.9gm2
total translational 86.0gm2

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Rim Only1

FLY   Horse FLY
  Tubular only   Tubular only
     650c    310g   345g
     700c   340g   380g

Part weights

Front   Rear
     Skewer2 32g Ti / 56g Steel   34.8g Ti / 59g Steel
     Hub only   68g   240g


      650C        700C     
  Spokes   Front   Rear   Front   Rear
12   446g            
16   466g     490g  
20   485g       510g    
24    528g4   705g    558g    735g 
285   638g5   729g4   668g5   759g 
325       7625       7925
1Production mass data may vary -6/+12g.
2Sold separately
4Special order stiff configuration
5Horse FLY


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