Rear CROSSWIND/FLY Hub Assembly
The rear hubs for CROSSWIND and FLY share the same clutch design.  It is a high precision, high torque light weight 18 point engagement clutch. The clutch is manufactured by DT Swiss in Switzerland and features interchangeable parts with DT 240 hubs. CROSSWIND hubs using this clutch began shipping in June 2000 and can be identified as having black end caps (parts 1 and 13).  

Please be careful when handling an uninstalled CROSSWIND hub. The central flange on the hub shell (part 10, hub shell shown on this page is FLY version not a CROSSWIND version) is a very high precision part to assure an accurate assembly into CROSSWIND wheelbodies. Please do not drop hub or ship it without ample protection of this flange.

The hub assembly is held together by snap in endcaps (parts 1 and 13) which seat o-rings into grooves in the end of the oversized alloy axle (part 11). These end caps can be pulled apart for service work. Start disassembly with the non-drive side (NDS) end cap, part 13, by holding it in a soft padded axle vise and pulling on the hub body. The opposite end cap can be removed by placing a rod (such as a pencil) through the center of the axle exposed when the NDS endcap is removed. Place one end of the rod on a table surface, and while holding the hub body, push the hub onto the rod until the the rod pushes out the drive side (DS) end cap. Be careful to note each assemble part orientation and to keep all hub parts. When reassembling this hub please check that no seals are misaligned and that clutch plates and springs are properly oriented. The end caps can be pressed back into assembly by using a rear QR skewer.

When opening the hub be careful not contaminate the lubrication with dirt or water. The lubrication used is very particular and effects the action of the clutch. It can be replaced with DT clutch grease or contact Nimble to order a specialty high performance low sheer lubricant.

Parts Assembly
1. Drive-side (DS) endcap, alloy gold ring
2. Cassette body, alloy
3. Helical spring pair, steel note orientation
4. Clutch plate pair, steel note orientation
5. Spacer, alloy
6. Seal, rubber
7. Threaded clutch gear track, steel
8. Spring washer
9. Sealed bearings hub body
10. Hub shell, alloy
11. Axle, alloy
12. Seal, rubber non-drive side
13 End cap (NDS), alloy black no gold ring