Brake Pads and Shoes
We believe the pad system we recommend for braking on composites is not only the highest function, but also the most practical and straight forward.  We do not like many of the alternative specialty wheel branded systems.  These are typically high priced, and limited in their ability to work with temperature, weather and alternative wheels materials.  We recommend using replacement brake pads because they work in a wide variety of circumstances, and they are reliable and inexpensive.  To be optimal, any braking system needs the pads changed regularly.

We have years of experience all terrain and weather with the Kool-Stop brake pads listed below.  These pads work well because they tolerate the elevated temperatures created by the lower heat conductance of the composite materials.  They also work fine on aluminum rims, allowing you to install one pad system for both training and racing wheels. These pads are plug compatible with various brake types, including systems that take "cassettes" or replacement pads only.  Please review the available brake configurations below.  

Note:  when switching between wheels, especially wheels of different materials (such as aluminum training wheels and composite race wheels), we recommend that you clean your brake pads, removing any imbedded debris.  Fresh pads are an inexpensive way to both maximize braking performance and preserve the life of your expensive wheel investment.

Dura Type.  This pad is the most common shipped.  It is compatible with Shimano 9 and 10 speed brake shoes (DuraAce or Ultegra).  This is also available as a whole shoe and pad below.  The pad is installed by opening the small set screw in the shoe (see picture just below) and sliding out the pad.  Older pads may take some force to get out.  Important:  we recommend changing one side at a time to have the other as an orientation reference.  The compound we prefer for composites is the green Z-Chromium (described by Kool-Stop for ceramic rims).  They offer other compounds in this shape also.  We carry and recommend the "dual compound" salmon and black pad for alloy aluminum rims.

Koolstop Shimano 9 speed compatible "duratype" replacement brake pad

Dura Type Shoe and pad.  This replaces the entire shoe with a Shimano 9 and 10 speed compatible (DuraAce like) shoe with a set of the replaceable pads installed (as shown).  This shoe has more flexible adjustment than the Shimano equivalent (adding ball Z-axis pivot) and is inexpensive and high quality.  The shoe shape is plug compatible with the Dura Type shape pad above.  Installing this configuration is a solution for Shimano brake set-ups prior to the 1997 9 speed era.  It is the best solution for other 8 speed brake set-ups also.  It is what we recommend for specialty brand brake calipers like Cane Creek and others. It also works well for older classic Campy in which the whole shoe is replaced.  Note the shoe attachment bolt system includes a steel washer that may be removed to adapt for thicker brake calipers.

Campy 2000.  This pad is compatible with Campagnolo 9 and 10 speed style brake shoes (from model year 2000 onward, including Record and Chorus).  This fits both current Campy 9 and 10 speed set-ups.  The compound we prefer for composites is the green Z-Chromium (described by Kool-Stop for ceramic rims).  There are other compounds available for non-composite rims which we will special order if you can not find them locally.

Koolstop Campy 2000 replacement brake pad

Campy 8/9.  This pad is compatible with Campagnolo style brake shoes from 1999 and before (Record and Chorus).  Demand for this pad is now more rare.  As an alternative to replacing just the pads, we also recommend instalingl an entire replacement shoe (such as the Dura Type shoe described above).  This solution will make your brake set-up compatible with the newer replacement pad designs that are now not only less expensive and easier to set-up, but also more broadly available.

Koolstop C89 replacement brake pad

Supra 2.  This replaces the entire shoe including retaining post and nut.  The configuration works best for cantilever brakes (typical to cycle-cross, recumbent and tandem). It is compatible with some road brake systems with adequate brake caliper clearance off the frame stay or fork (at least one inch or 25 mm).  It is the most efficient brake heat sink we know of:  a property that supports extended braking heat gain.  It incorporates a support backbone, an extended stud, and includes spacers for a wide variety of caliper widths.

Koolstop Supra 2 brake pad


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