Disk wheels are the fastest set-up
a) True   b) False

Disk wheels are rarely the fastest set-up.  Our measurements of race venues estimates that more than 94% of the time the angle and speed of the wind is such that the air will not flow correctly along a disk wheel.  Lenticular (center bulging) disks only improve this problem to 90% of the time (and also eliminate the key advantage of lower frontal area).  Even track racing conditions do not favor disk wheels if the rider has side to side movement or the track has tight turns.

The common perception that disks offer the best performance may be born out of an era when no other low frontal area wheel was available.  

The Nimble CROSSWIND has a 19mm wide frontal area matching the best of the flat disks, while also offering a 68% open side area, easily improving the 0% offered by disks or modified disks and deep airfoil wheels.  With more than $2 million in investment, the drag coefficient of the CROSSWIND  within that frontal area is the lowest of any available wheel.  This optimization is supported by a patented variable cross-section spoke and a variable depth rim (see CROSSWIND).

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